The ACT is an achievement test that basically measures what a student has learned in school and generally has up to five major components; these include Mathematics, English, Reading, Science and a Writing test that’s optional. It is worth noting that you only take the ACT writing test only if requested or required to do so by the college(s) you are applying to. The ACT is usually scored based on the number of correct answers. The ACT does also have what’s known as an Interest Inventory that allows students to easily evaluate their interests in various career options so as to make the best decision regarding the best choice to make in that regard.
Once you have sat for your ACT exams, you can view your scores through your ACT web account. For those who may have tested through international or national testing, you can start checking through your account to see if your multiple choice scores are available for online viewing. You can start doing this from the initial day you sit for the test. If you find that your results are not ready or available on that first date, you should then check back on a weekly basis. The ACT test scores are usually processed and then added each week; this is usually done each and every Wednesday as well as Friday. In normal circumstances, all the scores are usually reported back to the recipients within eight (8) weeks after the test date.
For those who take the Writing test, the ACT test scores are usually posted online as soon as they are ready; this is normally two (2) weeks after the multi-choice scores are provided. It is also worth noting that in such a situation where you have done the writing test; your ACT scores will not be officially reported until the writing scores have been added.
If on the other hand you test at one of the following test locations; DANTES, School (e.g. Project, Arranged, and Special) or State and District, then your scores from that particular administration will only be posted online after you have received your official ACT score report in the mail. For those who don’t have an ACT web account, one will have to create an account using either the Social security number or ACT ID printed on your score report. One is usually requested to provide this information when creating an account.
There are several reasons why your scores may take longer than others. These reasons vary, your answer documents may arrive late or your test date may be rescheduled. Another reason for the delay of your test scores may be because the matching information such as Match number, Date of Birth, Name may not be consistent with the matching information on the admission ticket. Alternatively, there may be a delay if an irregularity was reported at your test center, you owe any registration fee or if you provided inaccurate or incomplete test form information on the answer document or if the answer document is yet to clear all other required scoring accuracy checks.
It is also important to note that you can have your ACT scores sent to colleges and other scholarship agencies even after you have sat for your exams in addition to those you had previously selected when you were sitting for the test or when you were registering. This is possible because all requests are usually processed after your tests have been scored and all test scores for your test option, With Writing or No Writing are ready.
Depending on where you sat for the exams, there are several delivery options available. The first option involves making an online request after logging in to your ACT web account. Alternatively you can download a PDF copy of the request form, fill it in appropriately and then send it back or for priority reports which can only be sent only within the US, one can make a telephone request. The last option involves sending a letter of request. You will be required to have a valid credit card when requesting for these services.
To ensure that your test scores are sent in timely manner, there are several tips worth taking into consideration. Make sure you only use valid ACT codes only. In case the recipient college has more than one campus, make sure you indicate the state and City of the campus you want the scores sent. For the latest information on ACT codes, check online from the College Code list or Congressional Code list. You must also designate a test date you want to use scores from; this allows you to direct the reporting process of your test scores. If you had tested more than once in the same month, you should also ensure that you specify the test location you want reported, be it School, International, State or National. Finally, make sure you provide correct personal information such as date of birth as well as name and your ACT ID or Social security number as well as the month and year when you took the test.