A great college recommendation letter is one of the means that can get you to the college of your dreams. It will let the admissions officer see what you are like as a student. Getting one isn’t necessarily hard though it requires considerable effort. These tips will help you acquire a college recommendation letter that can secure your spot into the school of your choosing.

Know who to ask. Getting a college recommendation letter from someone famous or with influence may or may not impress the admissions officer but it will seem superficial. Choose someone who knows you well and can speak confidently in your favor. Not your family or friends but the teachers, instructors or mentors who have worked closely with you and know you long enough to understands your skills and the way you think.

Ask early and politely. Don’t just corner them and ask them out of the blue, that will be rude. Don’t rush them, either. Make sure you give your recommender enough time to write and think about what to put in it. Thank them afterwards for taking time from their schedule to accommodate you.

Provide details. Let you recommender know which schools you intend the letters to be sent and when they are due. Share with them some information about you that they may not have knowledge of, like an achievement you’ve recently accomplished, an club you’re a part of or an activity you’ve participated in. Let them know why you wish to get into college and what you intend to learn there so they may better help you.

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