You always seemed to make me calmer

I just wanted to thank you and your staff so much for all the you did for me especially. I would not of made it though this college experience without you and all of your advise and expertise. I was so nervous going through this process and you always seemed to make me calmer after talking to you.

As you know when Kayla first started with this process she said that she wanted to only apply to the University of Michigan. When we sat down with you there was a lot of hesitation from her to go to any private schools and then I finally put my foot down and we went to Albion to visit and Kayla had her aha moment and loved the thought of a smaller school. Then she was dead set not to go to Hope to visit and again I made her go and she fell in love with this school. So with a lot of debating over 3 schools she has made her decision to go to Hope and she could not be more excited.

Again thank you so much for all that you do! I would not of been able to do it without you. I will be definitely telling all my friends and relative’s about your business that have upcoming graduates.

Brenda Liggett
Mother – Class of 2015

Thank you so much for all your help in finally getting me to look at private colleges and finally making my decision to be going to Hope College. I am so excited to start my next chapter in my life and I don’t think I would be there without all your help.

I will keep you updated on my progress and again thank you so much for all that you have done!!


Kayla Liggett
Class of 2015

THANKS!!!! Both my kids went to medical school.

TestiHopefully you remember Marina & Marcello. They were both in your program and I am proud to say that Marina graduated this past May as a physician and my son Marcello with be graduating next May as a physician. Both were students of yours back in 2005-2008. I wanted to say “Thank You” for your counseling and direction. It was money well spent and would recommend your program to everyone! You’re a GEM!

You are truly the BEST Lynette, very knowledgeable and everything you advised us to do WORKED!!!! Thanks again so much!!! Your program was the best money we ever spent!!!

Christine Migliore

Sharing some good news…



Was very helpful, I don’t know how I would get through all of this without this program!

Sarah Akers


Schollegiate Edge was an indispensable part of my college search. They not only helped me through the overwhelming process of choosing colleges and programs, but they did it in a way that was friendly and encouraging. Schollegiate is the best resource out there to help kids coming out of high school achieve their goals.

Bill Mattise

Finding that perfect college

Dear Lynette, In May of 2014, Alissa will be graduating from Albion College. Even though we didn’t meet you until she was a junior in high school, your expertise and superior guidance helped us find that perfect fit. Yes, we visited over 8 colleges and AC at least 7 separate times before she finally realized AC was the place. From that first day she stepped on campus as the incoming freshman, she really never looked back. The opportunities were at her fingertips and your support enabled her to be prepared for that college experience. She will be graduating with a double major, Biochemistry and German and will continue with her education as she pursues the PA profession. Thank you for giving her that guidance. It will be exciting to see where the next adventure will take her.

Susan Reddy
Mother – Class of 2010

The money I spent with Schollegiate is the best money I have ever spent in regards to giving our children the best oppurtunity for college and their education and future.

I have used Schollegiate for almost 5 years now. All three of our daughters have been skillfully guided throught their college process by Lynnette and her staff. I have had the staff available to answer my questions day and night . The staff has so much knowledge. Some peoples can not understand why i continue tho have Schollegiate file oyr FAFSA each year. All I can say is that it is worth it the money that we have received from colleges that are not very generous has been generous because of Lynnette and her staff.Tney know ALL the ways to make financial aid work best for you. And before all that the saff knows how to make your application look the best it can and thye teach both the student and us parents what to look for in a college. And how to find the best match. In conclusion I have used Schollegiate for almost 5 years and I plan on using them for another 5 until all threeeof our daughters complete college. THANK YOU Lynnette for everything!!!Sincerely Jim Lisa Jessica Karly and Heather

Lisa Rolls

We are proud of you!

Benjamin Bates and Keith Watza were honored as top graduating students in The Michigan Catholic, A Publication of the Archdiocese of Detroit. They attend one of the 22 catholic high schools in the area.

Ben joined SCA in Dec of 2011 and Keith started classes with us in November of 2010.

Schollegiate College Advisors joins their teachers, parents and classmates in honoring them as they celebrate this wonderful honor.

Click on this link to see the many other students that were honored in this celebration throughout the communities that cover 22 Catholic high schools.

Great job Ben and Keith

Flannery Family

Watza Family

Schollegiate College Advisors Was Amazing!

My name is Brittany Tang and I am currently a senior attending the International Academy. My family and I moved back to America after spending 6 years overseas in Shanghai, China and Pattaya, Thailand in 2012. However I became a client of Lynette’s in the summer of 2010. She helped me to feel more confident about my future endeavors as well as helped to alleviate many of my anxieties concerning the college application process.

My family and I are thankful to have made the decision to become clients of Lynette. When I first moved back, I had no knowledge of the standardized testing process or how to prepare. Lynette immediately scheduled a meeting with my family and I, provided us with an informational binder pertaining to what I should be working on and guided me as I progressed through high school. As a senior, I was ahead of schedule in the college application process, as per Lynette’s guidance, and therefore felt much less stress when the deadline for applications arrived. Anytime I had questions, I simply call Lynette and she is always willing to help.

As a result of her advising, I have successfully been admitted to many of the colleges I applied to as well as received an abundance of scholarship money.

My family and I, most definitely recommend Lynette and the services she provides!



I truly cannot say enough about Lynnette, she went above and beyond the call of duty for my son! Lynnette did a superb job helping him select a college that fit his personality and his major. Lynnette understands the admission process inside and out. She also knows when to apply for admission and how to apply for scholarships. Lynnette helped us find scholarship money and financial aid that we didn’t know existed. As soon as my oldest son graduated in June of 2013, I signed my second oldest son up to work with Lynnette at Schollegiate.

Ann Marie Clark – Mother

THANK YOU AGAIN for your contribution

Please allow me to say THANK YOU AGAIN for your contribution to the 2014 2nd Annual Future Builders Scholarship and Career Fair. It was because of you that we had the opportunity again to touch over 1,000 youth lives. The excitement that you all brought to the building was absolutely PRICELESS. I can’t thank you enough for that. Once again, I want to tell you THANK YOU and I look forward to next years event.

Sincerely, Kaino Phillips
The Clarence Phillips Ascend Foundation President

So Happy with SCA – I Refer Others Often

Below is the link to Lynette’s website where you can sign up for a free webinar to learn more about services supporting college students and parents through the college preparation and selection process.

With Lynette’s help, our oldest daughter Lauren is graduating in May 2014 (in 4 years) from one of the top private colleges in the country (Ohio Wesleyan University), and our high school senior Kristin is also working with Lynette and her team to complete her college selection.

I highly recommend Lynette and honestly can’t say enough good things about the value she brings to families.

If you decided to sign up, I have $100 discount certificate you can use.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and I look forward to working with you in the New Year.

Cathy Walter-Salustro
Mother of Class of 2010 and 2013

Wysocki Family

Wisniewski Family

Continue to encourage students to do well in school


I thought you might like to have an update on Rachel. She graduated early from Alma College in December 2012 but went through the graduation ceremony in April since they do not have a special ceremony in December. She has a biology major with chemistry and English minors She spent the early part of 2013 going to recruitment weekends for graduate school. After being accepted at several schools, she decided on the University of Georgia at Athens. She will be pursuing a Ph. D. in Microbiology. She loves working in the lab and has been rotating through several labs to see in which one she wants to do her research. As you probably know, being accepted means they pay her to attend school, and she is not responsible for paying tuition. What a deal! She seems to love the school so far and enjoys the people and the weather. People are very friendly in the south.

Whenever I get a chance, I tell people about your business and encourage them to investigate the services you offer. It was very helpful to us. Thank you.

P. S. Continue to encourage students to do well in school; Rachel’s outstanding grades and extracurricular involvement got her to where she is today. It is never too early to aim high.

Charlotte Burckhardt
Posted: November 20, 2013

Achieved a 50+% increase from the 1st ACT test to her 2nd one in English

Thinking I’d like to get at least 4 more sessions in for English/Reading ACT prep…. we were so very happy as Claire achieved a 50+% increase from the 1st ACT test to her 2nd one in English – thanks to your team!

Art DuRivage – 2013



Excellent process/assistance

y daughter informed me of Schollegiate College Advisors and I am glad that she did. Lynette and her staff have been very helpul to me and my neice who was a junior when we signed on and has now graduated from High School and will be attending U of M in the Fall, 2013. Having the responsibility for providing my neice with college planning and financial aid assistance, it was crucial for me to have the expertise of Lynette to guide us through the process as things have changed since I went to college 40 years ago and the last of my children obtaining an undergraduate degree 15 years ago. The things important to me in the past year were: keeping us on task during the entire process and knowing the timing of all that has to occur prior to and including subitting college applications, completion of required forms such as FASFA and CSSF Profiles, timing on need for tax data even having discussions with our CPA, the documentation provided with a myriad of information including resumes,etc, one on one meetings to review college choices and gear the college planning process to my neice’s goals such as a large college in a metropolitan area and engineering specialization. Very important was the list of colleges Lynette provided early on in the process based on my niece’s goals. I believe there were 35 colleges on Lynette’s list which we narrowed down to 18 and ultimately applied to 8 colleges. The classes at White Lake offices were excellent. Lynette and her staff were always helpful in answering our questions and getting back to us by phone and email. This was an excellent experience for my neice and I and critical to my neice’s college planning and selection.


Mike Flannery – 2013

We couldn’t have done it without her!

We found Schollegiate through a friend of ours. She was telling us that her 9th grade son had recently spent some time job shadowing so as to better decide what he might want to study in college. She explained that the job shadowing was set up by Lynette at Schollegiate College Advisors. I was shocked! We had not even thought about doing something like that with our 10th grade son and thought we had LOTS of time to think about college for him. I called Lynette the next day. Within days after meeting with Lynette, our son had a resume and a plan to visit several colleges. In the weeks and months that followed, our son attended Schollegiate classes to discuss: how to choose a college to best suit his needs; how to make a lasting impression at an admissions interview; how to CORRECTLY fill out the infinite number of admissions forms; how to study for ACT/SAT and how to improve his scores; financial aid and scholarships; and much more. Additionally, he & I attended many private meetings with Lynette in which she answered our many specific questions. She is undoubtedly the guru of all things related to college and the application process. We always found Lynette to be personable, knowledgeable and easily approachable. She was unbelievably quick to reply to emails and phone calls (even returning our calls from her family vacation). As a result of Lynette’s hard work (and that of her staff – especially her essay editors), I am thrilled to report that my son will be attending Michigan State University in the next few weeks. His dream is coming true and I absolutely believe that without the help of Schollegiate College Advisors, this may not have happened. Our second child has been a student of Lynette’s since 9th grade. I am much more relaxed with her college search process because I know that Lynette is on top of every deadline and has a well thought out plan for my daughter. Kudos to Lynette and her group! In this extremely competitive college process, it is critical to give our children any edge available to them. Schollegiate College Advisors definitely provides that edge!

Kathy Butler – 2013

Schollegiate took a lot of stress out of the process

Schollegiate helped me stay organized, calm and “on schedule” throughout the entire long and challenging process of choosing a college. Lynette listened very carefully to what I had to say and helped me find schools that really “fit” my personality. Working with someone who knows so much about what goes on inside the admissions offices took most of the stress out of the process. I can’t imagine having managed this process without Lynette’s advice!

Elizabeth Person -2013


“Travis is doing great and thanked us for supporting him and helping to provide the Hope College experience that he is totally enjoying. Thank you for all your help in the process and for suggesting Hope. It is the perfect fit for Travis.”

Kim – Mother of Travis

Harold G

“Kim R. here, the formerly stressed out, high strung, nervous high school senior. Currently I am none of the above. LOVING MY SCHOOL! Thank you for everything – the paper work, the advice, the support.”

Kim R. – Happy College Student, Class of 2003

Christopher“The most important aspect is the money. I cannot say it any other way: under Lynette’s guidance we saved money. There are hidden tricks, different sub-categories for assets, beguiling charges…With her experience I went to college cheaper. Not even a student loan – and my family could only be considered middle class.”

Christopher M. – Class of 2003


“Because of Lynette’s expert advice our son received a financial aid package that allowed us to send him to the art school of his choice.DO NOT WAIT!”

Denise N. – Mother of Class of 2003 and Class of 2006


What can I say except thank you. We would never have been able to correctly file ALL the forms required to get this award. Mark is doing great!

Dorothy D. – Mother of Mark D., Class of 2008


“At your suggestions we visited a private $36,000 a year school. Keeping a focus on our criteria for the best match” and it turned out to be more affordable than U of M or MSU. We’re glad to have your expertise on our side.”

Perry and Sharon T. – Parents of Class of 2007


“Her dream was Harvard, our dream was Harvard and Harvard is where she is. Thank you for everything, especially helping us get the required paperwork filed on time.” Joe H. -Father of a current Harvard studentThe financial aid process was less intimidating and very successful with your help.

Charles Y. – Grandfather of Class of 2007

“Thank you for helping us sort through the mess to get our son’s Pell grant reinstated. I am not sure we would have been able to do it without your help.”

Lisa H. – Mother of Class of 2008

“I don’t know how we would have completed all these required forms on time, year after year, without you. Her total package was $38,005. It was a great package. Thank you for all your work.”

Janis P. – Mother of Emma, Class of 2007

Candice“You been there every step of the way! Thank you for all your help each and every year.”

Candice W. – Mother of Janine and Rachel, Class of 2004 and 2008


“Mrs. Bennett helped me get a much better financial aid deal. She navigated my family through a complicated situation involving a life insurance policy. If a penny saved is a penny earned she earned me a lot of money.”

Matt D. College Graduate

“Thanks for your help, he has a very nice packet to send with his application…I doubt we would have thought to include all this.”

Mother of Class of 2004, Caroline

“I am pleased to inform you that we have increased your Leadership Award from $8,910 to $11,910 and you will receive a FREE laptop.”

From Financial Aid Office to Matt T. Class of 2007

“Lynette, the financial aid department gave Clay $5,000 last week and we just received noticed that they increase his scholarship another $1,000 and it is renewable. Thank you for all your help!”

Polly C. – Mother of Clay C., Class of 2004

“Every step of the way Schollegiate Edge was there to acknowledge key factors, answer questions … thank you for informing both my father and myself of every college consideration known to man, and for walking us through the college visitation processes, applications and financial aid.”

Jessica E – Class of 2008


“With Lynette’s help, we were able to work around financial problems and reach our ultimate goal of an affordable tuition.”

Elizabeth B. College Graduate 2009


“I am just writing to tell you today I got my acceptance letter to University of Michigan and I am very excited. Thank you so much!”

Class of 2007 – Dana D.

Mara has worked very hard. We believe that because of your input, she was offered not only admittance, but inclusion to programs of distinction and scholarship opportunities at every school she applied to. We are looking forward to watching your team guide our second daughter Kara on her search for the right school.”

Kari and Mike W. – Parents of Class of 2007 and 2010

Susan“Without your staff, Spencer would not have moved through the identification and application process as quickly and the end product would not have been of the highest quality…Look for Spencer in the MSU Marching Band”

Susan W. – Mother of Class of 2008

Kelly“Kelly has received $40,000 for her academic work, but also awarded her a $20,000 scholarship for her involvement in F.I.R.S.T. robotics. Thanks for all your help.”

Russ and Terry S – Parents of Kelly S., Class of 2006

Jeff Call

“This works. That is why I work with Lynette and Schollegiate Edge. She helped both of my daughters and I want other families to know there is someone to help with this process.”

Jeff Call – Father of Nikki, Class of 2007

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