Last year, our 53 class of 2014 seniors earned $11.3 million in scholarship money which they never have to pay back. How did they do that, you ask? They came to us. Do you ever wonder why you hear so much conflicting information about the college admissions and financial aid process? It’s because all of it depends on each colleges, the program you want to be in and the financial aid offices. Schollegiate College Advisors offers personalized advice to students with their individual goals in mind. Here is a list of services we offer:

College Admissions

  • High School Planning Meeting – Including Course Selection
  • Research Careers/Job Shadow
  • Summer and Extracurricular Activities
  • Researching Colleges and College List
  • Resume Building
  • College Visits Coaching
  • ACT Test/SAT/PSAT Test Prep
  • Specialized Assistance in Applying to Highly Selective Colleges
  • College Application Review
  • College Essay Writing and Editing
  • Preparing for Scholarship Competitions
  • Athletics Recruiting with emphasis on academics
College Financial Aid

  • Scholarship Search Coaching
  • FAFSA Completion
  • CSS Profile and Initiation Form Completion
  • Financial Aid Appeals
  • Student Loan Evaluation


Additional Services for Success       

  • Private Advanced Tutoring
  • ACT Class – 4 Session/English, Math, Reading, Science

Would any of these help your students, too? If so, get in touch with us. You can start by signing up for our FREE CLASS for College Admissions and Financial Aid now or go straight to having personalized help through our DISCOVERY MEETING.

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