Careers in STEM Fields

by: Don Watza (Founder of HIVE Foundation)
Great information about careers in STEM fields and where to find more opportunities to explore careers and salaries!
Webinar Event – October 5, 2015


by Chandler Fleming
By the time your senior year comes around, you should have a pretty good idea of at least where you’ll be applying, the standardized tests you’re going to take, and the last-minute resume builders you’re going to pursue that year to make yourself a more desirable candidate for that dream school. But if you’re really serious about getting prepared for college and landing the most financial aid you can, you should starting thinking about a plan as early as freshman year, when your guidance counselor could make suggestions about the kinds of courses you should be taking and extracurricular activities you should be signing yourself up for. Start looking at schools with the programs you’re interested in, and if you’re undecided, pursue a college search with liberal arts and a broad curriculum base in mind. High school is also the time to work on your study skills, and take as tough a course load each semester as you can handle, with a variety of Advanced Placement and college prep courses. Admissions competition at the top schools has only become fiercer, and undergraduate candidates start thinking about college application season earlier and earlier.



by Mark Kelly
Schollegiate College Advisors knows families eventually need to locate that perfect photographer for their senior student. Face it, having an expert share his expertise could levitate some headaches. Mark Kelly is our Thursday Series Webinar guest speaker. He is a full time portrait and wedding professional photographer located in Clarkston, Michigan. He has photographed hundreds of high school students not only for their senior photo, but for sport or at band events. He is also experienced with wedding portraits and those special family gatherings. Schollegiate College Advisors knows Mark will be a great resource to help give some advice

From Boys to Young Men: The Peril and Promise in Getting Them There

by Ted Braude
The path from boyhood into young manhood is fraught with challenges, calamities, chaos and confusion. The statistics are not good: fewer and fewer boys are completing high school, college or professional schools. They’re entering the work world absent maturity, a work ethic and a purpose. College admissions counselors and job recruiters are baffled. Even the high performing boys too often lack authentic self-confidence and are dragged down by the daily risks they face as young males.

We’re living in an historic time where, if it’s “the end of men,” what’s to become of the boys? The absence of an accepted cultural context of “man” creates an enormous downward pressure and chaos for boys. They crave the environment, context, relationships and practices necessary to become young men. “From Boys to Young Men” addresses the world view of teenage boys, the dynamics of power, conflict and love in developing maturity along with the role of purpose, mission and dreams in boys becoming passionate, purposeful, and potent young men.


by Vince Palko
Our world is rapidly becoming more visual thanks to the explosion of online video. The marketplace that was once regional in nature is now global. And visuals speak to a global audience of prospects, customers, and employees. Imagine being able to confidently pull out a pen and close a deal more easily by connecting the dots on what makes your company different. Imagine being able to get everyone on your team on the same page and ready to execute your vision with a few doodles on the white board. More and more college scholarship applications are asking for videos instead of essays. This is a valuable skill for anyone.

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