If you are a student or parent of a student who has a FAFSA account, then read this carefully. The Federal Student Aid (FSA) recently announced a new process of logging into FAFSA accounts. The new login process, applies to all FSA-related websites including FAFSA online, NSLDS Student Access, Studentaid.gov, Studentloans.gov and the TEACH website.

The new login process will replace the old process of logging into your FAFSA accounts. As you no doubt recall, under the old system, you’d need your social security number (SSN), your last name (actually, the last two letters), your date of birth and PIN to login.

Under the new process, you will create a new FSA ID which will then replace your current PIN. This new ID will be composed of a username and password. You will now use the username and password to log into your FAFSA account.

This new process makes logging into FAFSA much easier, convenient and user-friendly. Instead of using a host of info (your SSN, last name, PIN etc), you now use just your username and password. This is akin to how you log into other web services (e.g. your email account). This sense of familiarity makes it much easier to use.

So how do you create your new FSA ID? Well, simply log into your FAFSA account on any of the associated websites e.g. NSLDS Student Access or Studentaid.gov. If the new system has come into effect, you will be prompted to create a new FSA ID. Simply follow the prompts.

For your information, the new login system came into effect onMay 10th. This means you can now log into any of the FAFSA websites and create your new FSA ID. For now, you will have to login using the old system (i.e. SSN, PIN, date of birth, and last name). Once you have created a new username and password, then that’s how you’ll now access your FAFSA account.

To create your new FSA ID right now, you can simply log into the FAFSA website, and create it. Click here to login right now (https://fafsa.ed.gov/FAFSA/app/fafsa?locale=en_US) .

If you are a parent, there are two important facts which you need to know about the new FSA ID. First, you cannot create the ID on behalf of your child. Every person has to create the FSA ID on their own. Secondly, as a parent, you also have to create your own FSA ID and then link it to the child’s account.

However, irrespective of the number of children who are getting FSA financial aid, a parent needs only one FSA ID to link into the student accounts. For details on how to link your FSA ID to the student’s account, you can visit FAFSA online, simply click here (https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/fafsa/filling-out/fsaid#pin-replacement) .

Ultimately, the new login system is intended to simplify the lives of college students (and their parents) who are using FAFSA. It will certainly be shorter and easier than the old system. Therefore, if you are a student, or a parent of a student who is accessing financial aid through FAFSA, then you need to take note of the changes. Thankfully, you are now aware.

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